What is LM VEGAN FITNESS? It’s much more than me sharing meal ideas and recipes with people who are already vegan, plant based, simply curious and stuck on inspiration for meal and recipes on a vegan/plant based diet.

Having deciding 6months or so to be on a plant based diet after being a carnivore for almost all of my existence, I truly struggled for the first month with meal ideas and recipes. I mean cooking was never the problem, I’ve always loved and enjoyed it. I found adjusting my ingredients and recipes for vegan alternatives and protein source was the hard part.

LM VEGAN FITNESS is simply passion for food and fitness, I didn’t start this to ram veganism or fitness down anyone’s throat but to share, inspire and be inspired by like mind people, so LM VEGAN FITNESS is you the vegan, plant based or curious person, so leave the politics at the door.

I use ingredients you can find in all stores so you don’t need to struggle about where to go to find them, these are all affordable and suit all budget needs.

How does LM VEGAN FITNESS fit into your life? Not only do I get to share my passions with you all but soon you’ll be able to enjoy specifically designed meal plans.

The meal plans have been designed for you:

  • You who ends throwing away food.
  • You who wastes money buying ingredients you end up not using.
  • You on a budget but ending up doing multiple shopping trips for each meal.
  • You who is very busy and just needing your meals organised for you.
  • You counting macronutrients and calories.


There is no greater feeling than someone appreciating my food or videos and asking me questions, the future is bright and very green so what are you waiting for?

The hard work is done for you, if you keep making excuses you’ll nothing will ever change.

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