Tips: 5 Ways of how to deal with the insecurities of slight weight gain?

Like most people with insecurities the last month or so I have been trying to work on ways of how to deal with some of my own insecurities with slight weight gain.
I have been going through a little stressful period in my life, working on my work/life balance, which has resulted me in slightly losing focus on my fitness goals and carrying out some uncharacteristic behaviours like snacking, drinking coffee etc.
My own insecurities probably stem from losing a lot of weight years ago and one of the reasons for embarking on my fitness journey, sometimes I find myself worrying that any slight weight gain even after all these years and worrying that during these periods I might attribute to regressing to that stage in my life. I know the probabilities of that are very slim and unlikely as my lifestyle, diet and knowledge is completely different to what it was then.
I have realised that subconsciously in the last month, I have been slowly giving into my insecurities by not dealing with stress in a productive way.
When you lose any unwanted weight or train hard and finally get the physique you’ve always wanted or are striving towards no one prepares you for the realities and stresses of life and the fact that there will be days when:

  • You want to pig out.
  • You want to have a few drinks.
  • Not want work out.
  • Not want to log/track your meals.

When this happens what do you do?! needless to say naturally you give in and go through a week/month of doing everything other staying on track just to feel slightly human for a bit.
I might feel a little sluggish and guilty towards then of the week/period, but it also strangely makes me look forward to training and tracking.
The insecurities you feel during this period will pass! DO NOT succumb to the negativity.

I thought I would share 5 ways to help you deal with the insecurities of slight weight gain:
1. Personally I always go a week in the month were I won’t work, so I can focus on other aspects of my life, for me it works. I regain a sense of normality because the reality of a healthy lifestyle 4:30am starts and 10pm head downs, work, social and personal pressures can all be very demanding 17hrs on the go day in and out can be overwhelming which creates more stress than you might realise.
2. Being open and honest and being able to communicate how you feel or how these insecurities make you feel, I’d suggest you find someone you can comfortably speak to about this with who can either relate or give you sound advice as this will give you some reassurance or ideas of how stay positive and focused.
3. Cleanse or stay away from your social media accounts that you feel are a misrepresenting and unrealistic presumption of what health and beauty is.
4. Celebrate any current fitness/health achievements no matter how little or large they might be, positive reinforcement creates a stimulus that each time you do this you are more than likely to continue to do good if the outcome is always assumed to be positive, which will only strengthen and make you strive for more.
5. Surround yourself with likeminded or relatable people as it will be easier for you to engage and communicate freely without fear of judgement.
Try to stay positive and focused, you have already come so far! If you give in to those insecurities and the annoying negative voice in your head that wants you to fail, then you will!
Your fitness journey is not just going to be new a way of life and lifestyle choice, it’s the dedication that keeps you going in times when you want to stop.

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