Vegan Double banana and peanut butter oats recipe

Morning! And happy Friday🤙🏾not going to lay I’ve got a long day ahead of me lol😂 having cheeky cocktails last night seemed like a good idea 🤫 I’ll be clock watching 🤦🏾‍♀️, heres to much needed energy boost 😍Have s great day 😚
Granola recipe in previous post 😃 -150g unsweetened almond milk
-4Tbsp oats
-1Tbsp crunchy peanut butter
-1/2 large banana
-1Tbsp flaxseed and pumpkin sends blended
-1Tbsp maple syrup
Toppings: Drizzle maple Syrup, 1/2 banana, 1Tbsp dried cranberries, sweetened diced pineapple, coconut chips and goji berries and homemade granola

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