Vegan chia pudding breakfast recipe

🐪Day, good morning lovelies! I feel like you guys have seen me overload on too much polenta porridge 🤣🤦🏾‍♀️so spicing things up this morning with this bowl of warm chia pudding 😋 have a great morning 😏
-150g unsweetened almond milk
-50g water
-2Tbsp chia seeds
-1Tbsp oats
-1Tbsp milled pure blueberry and chia powder
-1lid vanilla extract
-1Tbsp maple syrup
Toppings: 1Tbsp crunchy peanut butter, 1Tbsp chopped almonds, Drizzle maple Syrup,frozen strawberry, raspberries, redcurrants & blackberries, 1Tbsp dried cranberries, sweetened diced pineapple, coconut chips and goji berries

I love chia seeds, great for your vegan/plantbased diet as you can use them in so many ways , chia seeds pudding being one of my favourite after flax eggs. This is an easy recipe that you can also make overnight it will taste just as good!.

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