Vegan cauliflower pizza base recipe

Friday night🐒 I couldn’t decide what I wanted between 🍕 & 🥡 so I decided to combine the two and make a hoisin duck pizza on a cauliflower base😍 I kid you not this is delicious 🙉🙊 and healthier than a takeaway 👌🏾ps this serves two 🤙🏾or cut into 8if you’re really up for sharing 😂
For the crust:
-2Tbsp chia seeds
-1Tbsp ground flax seeds
-6Tbsp water
-1 medium cauliflower
-1Tbsp nutritional yeast
-4Tbsp polenta (almond meal works well)
-½ Tsp sea salt, dried basil & dried rosemary
For topping:
-3Tbsp green pesto -1 red pepper
-30g red cabbage -200g vegan duck -200g portobello mushrooms -4 broccoli stems -5 cherry tomatoes (halved)
-Drizzle hoisin sauce

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