Vegan Chicken and chips recipe made with breaded tofu and carrot chips

Dinner time😊🍟🍗 vegan style! The weekend is now in sight👀👀 I’m not going to lie the last few weeks of dry Jan haven’t been easy lol and I don’t even drink that much 🤦🏾‍♀️ anyone else finding it difficult? Tonight’s diner yummy carrot chips with crispy tofu steaks😋 ps (Chips serves 2)
-5medium carrots
-15 sprays light olive oil (1cal per spray) (if not 1Tbsp extra virgin oil)
-Pinch salt & pepper
-Pinch thyme
-4Tbsp polenta

For tofu:
-200g tofu
-2Garlic cloves
-3Tbsp tomato pasta sauce
-1Tbsp wholegrain mustard
-1Tbsp soy sauce
-1Tbsp water
-2Tbsp black pepper
-15g panko breadcrumb
-15g homemade brown seeded bread crumbs

Servings: drop ofketchup

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