Vegan Jamaican jerk breaded tofu with rice and pea recipe

Lunch time👌🏾I’ve gone to Jamaica for inspiration today 👅 if like me you don’t mind a little spice🌶chop fresh chilli over🔥🔥my jamicingmecrazy rice and pea with breaded crispy jerk tofu😜🤪👹
-50g brown rice
-80g red kidney beans
-1 hot red chilli seeds

Tofu marinade
-2Tbsp jerk seasoning
-Salt & pepper
-1Tbsp Italian seasoning
-1Tsp smoked paprika
-3Garlic cloves
-fresh ginger
-1Tbsp wholegrain mustard
-50g unsweetened almond milk
(I made my own bread crumbs using super seeded brown bread 1slice)

Servings: 1hot chilli, 1small carrot,1Tbsp mild salsa

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