Vegan polenta porridge recipe

Breakfast!🙃happy Sunday! Thank you guys for the sleeping tips yesterday😘🧘🏾‍♀️because I actually managed to sleep in😵🤫hopefully you don’t have anything strenuous planed today, currently enjoying some peanut butter polenta porridge🤤
-4Tbsp polenta
-2Tbsp oats(optional)
-150g unsweetened almond milk (or 200g water)
-50g water
-1Tbsp crunchy peanut butter
-1Tbsp maple syrup

Toppings: splash of milk, few drops of maple syrup, 1 frozen strawberry shaved, 1Tbsp blueberries, 1Tbsp walnuts, 1Tbsp chopped dried apricots, sweetened dried cranberries, blueberries, sunflower and pumpkin seeds

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