Vegan mushroom burger recipe

Lunch time🍔 how’s your weekend shaping up?, after my gruelling work out this morning I couldn’t think of anything better to have right now than this yumcious juicy mushroom & tofu burger🤤🤤 the only slightly naughty thing about this is the vegan cheese 🤯and bread 🤫it is cheat day after all😏guilt free and high protein. Ps this mixture makes 8normal sized burgers, I’ve divided it for 4 quarter pounders 😵🤪😋
Measurements are for whole Pattie mixture:
-3Tbsp olive oil
-300g mixed mushrooms
-260g tofu
-75g oats (toasted)
-75g breadcrumbs
-75g brown rice
-30g almonds (chopped and toasted)
-2Brown onions
-1Tbsp dry thyme
-1Tbsp dry rosemary
-3Tbsp Italian seasoning
-4Garlic cloves

Toppings: 6vine tomatoes quartered, fresh spinach, 1/2 red onion, sauce of choice and vegan cheese (mine has vegan cheddar made from soy and coconut)

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