Vegan chicken and mushroom risotto recipe

Dinner 🐈let’s face it my miniature rye bread 🍞 was never going to fill me up for long lol 🤣🤷🏾‍♀️, hubby helped make this deliciousness 😘, what are you having for dinner!? Hello chicken mushroom risotto🤤🙌🏾, I’ve got enough for leftovers 🤙🏾
-200g risotto rice
-200g Vegetable stock (taste and adjust as you go)
-150g hydrated soya (chicken flavoured)
-150g Domaine de la Perruche semi local to my current location (dry white wine of choice) taste and adjust as you go
-2Tbsp olive oil
-6finely chopped chestnut mushrooms
-2shallots finely chopped
-4large garlic finely chopped
-pinch salt & pepper
-100g small peas

Toppings: black pepper, and serve with the leftover wine 🤫🤭

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