Vegan baked banana, cacao & blueberry oats with chia seeds and vegan chocolate recipe

Breakfast!! 🍌🍇🍫Good morning🤪🤪 let’s get over hump day, not long to go now💆🏾‍♀️so there’s a little naughty treat mixed in with my baked banana, cacao & blue berry oats🤫🤭 can you tell what it is!?😋
-4Tbsp oats
-1 small banana
-200g unsweetened almond milk
-1Tbsp maple syrup
-2Tbsp cacao powder
-2Tbsp ground cinnamon
-1Tbsp whole chia seeds
-1Tbsp blue berries

Toppings:1Tbsp whole chia seeds,1/2 small banana,2Tbsp cooked blue berries, 6 chopped almonds, splash of milk & (treat 1chocolate square)😏

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