Vegan pita bread recipe

Dinner time!! 🍲 I’ve gone to India for inspiration tonight & attempted pita bread for the first time🤯now I nearly gave up it wasn’t easy lol but got there in the end🤪Cauliflower rice curry with homemade pita bread👏🏾👏🏾
–375ml water (room temperature)
–8g packet dried yeast
–500g buckwheat flour
–1Tsp sea salt
–3Tbsp olive oil
–flour/polenta for dusting

-1/4 Cauliflower riced
-1/2 small brown onion
-1vegstock cube
-3Tbsp mild madras powder
-1Tbsp curry paste
-125f Linda McCartney’s chicken
-1Garlic clove
-1Tsp Pure coconut oil
-4broccoli florets


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